Wednesday, March 16, 2005

GUI checkers 0.90

One month ago, I wrote about a small checkers program called GUI checkers 0.80 by Jon Kreuzer. He just released version 0.90 which you can download on his homepage. Great news: the new version is also available as a dll for CheckerBoard. It is much stronger than simple checkers, but also still clearly weaker than Cake or KingsRow. The lack of book and endgame database is too big a handicap. GUI also comes with source code, where you can look at some more advanced techniques which are not demonstrated in simple checkers, such as hashtables and forward pruning.


Nelson Castillo said...

It's nice to know you have a Computer Checkers Weblog. Will be reading... CB has a lot of engines now.

Bob said...

Hmm... I recall an earlier version as being rather a weak player. I will have to test the latest. --Bob Newell

Martin Fierz said...

Hi Nelson!

CB has some engines already, but one more is always welcome. How about porting your damas engine to the CB interface?

Nelson Castillo said...

Hi !

I lost the Damas source code :(

I've been thinking of a new checkers engine with a very fast move generator...

I also promised the TCP/IP proxy, and I haven't forgotten. I was thinking it could be quite useful in tournaments.

I still haven't fixed my PC.