Monday, March 29, 2010

jCheckers web start

I had some trouble to get jCheckers running on my own office PC... so I thought I better try something easier and played around with Java web start and produced the following test page - now that is much cooler!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


After a rainy Sunday afternoon in front of my PC, jCheckers is now available! For some reason, I had to rewrite the entire GUI because NetBeans wasn't creating a proper distribution output for my jCheckers project. At least I also learned how to write callback functions in Java (with Interfaces), and implemented one for communication between the JCheckerBoardPanel and the main window. I should also implement one for the communication between the checkers engine and the JCheckerBoardPanel - but since my Java checkers engine is shared between Android and the full Java program, I was a bit reluctant to touch it. In fact, the engine isn't properly shared between the two because of some differences between Android and standard Java. My programmer friends tell me I should use dependency injection, but that will have to wait!
In the meantime, you can enjoy jCheckers on Linux and Mac, where CheckerBoard isn't available. jCheckers has a powerful Java checkers engine, multiple levels of play, PDN support, and unlimited takeback through the game.
Since I don't own either Mac or Linux computers, I'd be glad to get feedback on whether it runs on these systems as it should.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Java Checkers on the finish line

It's been a while since I worked on my java checkers program (the general one, not the one for Android). It's something like a simple version of CheckerBoard, but it should run on all platforms if java lives up to its "write once run anywhere" promise. I just programmed the PDN save and load features which were the last features missing for an initial release. It will still need some finishing touches, but since I have about 16 hours of train-rides coming up in the next 48 hours and my laptop with me I hope to be able to apply these very soon and finally publish jCheckers!