Friday, July 22, 2005

Ed Gilbert finishes the 10-piece endgame database!

Over the past approximately 2 years, Ed Gilbert (the author of KingsRow) had this completely crazy project of building the 10-piece database on a couple of "normal" PCs. Crazy because building endgame databases is in principle something very simple and straightforward - if you have enough RAM. PCs with 32-bit operating systems are limited to about 2GB RAM, which is just fine for the 8-piece database, but very little for the 10-piece database. Ed devised lots of clever schemes to circumvent these limitations; you can read the whole story on his page on building the 10-piece database.
Congratulations, Ed!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Translation request

In the next release of CheckerBoard, I plan to add an option to change the language of the menu items. The help file should naturally also be translated. At the moment, there are only Italian and Spanish checkers engines, so these two languages are currently the only ones I'd like to add. Since my knowledge of these languages is very rudimentary at best, I'm looking for someone to translate the menu commands and the help file into Italian and Spanish. Any takers?

Saturday, July 02, 2005

GUI checkers 1.00

Jon Kreuzer has released version 1.00 of his program, Gui checkers. There is a standalone version as well as a dll which works as an engine in CheckerBoard. The main improvement over 0.99 is that 1.00 now has an opening book, which enhances the playing strenght. You can download Gui checkers on Jon's checkers page.