Saturday, July 16, 2005

Translation request

In the next release of CheckerBoard, I plan to add an option to change the language of the menu items. The help file should naturally also be translated. At the moment, there are only Italian and Spanish checkers engines, so these two languages are currently the only ones I'd like to add. Since my knowledge of these languages is very rudimentary at best, I'm looking for someone to translate the menu commands and the help file into Italian and Spanish. Any takers?


Domenico_Alioto said...

Dear Martin,
I making Italian Help for Checkerboard now and I sent you email with some request about modifies in your program. I sent you also a new graphic's file. Maybe you not received email. I can make Italian language for command menu.

Bye, Alioto Domenico.

Martin Fierz said...

Hi Alioto!

thanks a lot for your translation! I also already have a volunteer for the Spanish version - that was real quick!

best regards

Domenico Alioto said...

Dear MArtin,
an important option to add in at side board is a window to show moves current game.

Nelson Castillo said...

Good. Never hesitate to contact me when you need some help with Spanish.