Saturday, November 26, 2005

CheckerBoard 1.64 beta

I've posted CheckerBoard 1.64 to my website; there is no link as yet but you can download it as introduces a change to the directory structure: there is a new dir called "engines" where all engines should go. In the "bmp" directory, there are now subdirectories where you can put all kinds of piece sets which then show up in the options menu. There are 3 sets pre-installed, my standard set and two new ones by Ron Carney. For serious checkers players, there is the option to analyze an entire PDN database. Ed Gilbert sent me some code to improve my PDN parser, which is now more forgiving of non-PDN input, such as games which you copy-paste from a webpage. CB 1.64 also introduces alternate languages, albeit only for the menu and not for the dialogs. It's a start... Angel Galan Galan did the Spanish translation. My thanks to all those who contributed to this release!

To install CB 1.64, download and execute the CB_setup file. There are several ways to get it working properly:

-> Install CB 1.64 over your old CB directory: In this case, CB 1.64 will not recognize checkers engines which are not in the "engines" directory. You must manually copy these engines (all the *.dll files and associated files) into the engines folder.

-> Install CB 1.64 side-by-side with your old CB: choose a new directory such as C:\program files\CheckerBoard164 for your new installation. The two versions should be able to coexist on your system.

-> Uninstall the previous version of CB: First, remove your old version of CB. Make sure to keep games that you have saved! Re-install the new version over it.


NNCD said...

Hi Martin

I liked them improvements, this new version not wheel engines 1,14 and 1.1รค of KingsRow Martin? here it did not twirl.


Martin Fierz said...

The directory structure has changed, and this requires a change in the engines so that they work properly. I don't know whether Ed's latest KingsRow already works with CB 1.64, but if not, he'll post a version which does very soon.