Sunday, September 17, 2006

Checkers programming economics

I received a rare donation for CheckerBoard the other day, so today I thought I could try to calculate the economic aspects of CheckerBoard. Here's what I came up with: At the end of november 2005 (10 months ago) I redesigned my checkers webpages and added Google ads to them. I also added that infamous donate button. On the negative side, I have a computer running 24/7 working on CHOB. In Z├╝rich, electricity costs 0.16 Swiss Francs per kWh (that's about 0.13$/kWh). I'll try to measure the power consumption of my PCs soon, for now I'll assume that such a PC needs about 200W, which makes about 5kWh/day or 65 cents per day. So that gives me a daily budget of

Income from Google Ads:....+0.45$
Income from donations:.....+0.25$
Electricity bill:..........-0.65$

which leaves me with an income of 5 cents a day - not exactly much. Nevertheless, I shouldn't complain: Ed Gilbert has no Google ads, and no donations, and he's running 5 (!) machines simultaneously...

As a PS, it is no wonder that Murray Cash gave up on Nemesis!

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Bungerting Baloner said...

Hmm. At 65 cents per day that's $200 per year in very round numbers. I was comparing that with what it costs to publish my webzine, The Checker Maven, which comes to roughly $100 per year. I have no ads and don't take donations. So your cost is higher and Ed Gilbert's is very much higher.