Friday, December 01, 2006

Usage Statistics for November

Since November 2006, the full 8-piece checkers endgame database is available for download on my website. I checked the usage statistics for my server, and found the following:

Month 2006 traffic
August 7.8 GB
September 67.3 GB
October 93.4 GB
November 142 GB

This means that the 8-piece database is responsible for about a 20-fold increase in data traffic from my website! It also means that the database was downloaded about 60 times. In the same month, CheckerBoard was downloaded 2'500 times, and the opening book 200 times. 60 downloads in one month is not that much, but it still makes me think about something like checkers@home...
For comparison, my 4 in a row program was downloaded 500 times, while Sudoku Champion didn't make it to the top 30 files which I can view.

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