Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Java perft

I just finished debugging a Java checkers move generator - thanks to perft I found some bugs, and just watched the first game of my Java checkers engine played against itself (not a nice sight). Not surprisingly (at least to me), the Java code runs much slower than the C code - I found a factor 3.2 difference. Is that just me, or is it Java??

C (Cake's code without move ordering)
depth 1 positions 7 time 0.000000 1.$ kN/s
depth 2 positions 49 time 0.000000 1.$ kN/s
depth 3 positions 302 time 0.000000 1.$ kN/s
depth 4 positions 1469 time 0.015000 97.9 kN/s
depth 5 positions 7361 time 0.000000 1.$ kN/s
depth 6 positions 36768 time 0.000000 1.$ kN/s
depth 7 positions 179740 time 0.000000 1.$ kN/s
depth 8 positions 845931 time 0.063000 13427.5 kN/s
depth 9 positions 3963680 time 0.156000 25408.2 kN/s
depth 10 positions 18391564 time 0.547000 33622.6 kN/s
depth 11 positions 85242128 time 2.656000 32094.2 kN/s
depth 12 positions 388623673 time 12.266000 31683.0 kN/s

perft 1:7 1ms 7000positions/sec
perft 2:49 1ms 49000positions/sec
perft 3:302 1ms 302000positions/sec
perft 4:1469 17ms 86000positions/sec
perft 5:7361 1ms 7361000positions/sec
perft 6:36768 16ms 2298000positions/sec
perft 7:179740 17ms 10572000positions/sec
perft 8:845931 79ms 10707000positions/sec
perft 9:3963680 392ms 10111000positions/sec
perft 10:18391564 1813ms 10144000positions/sec
perft 11:85242128 8486ms 10045000positions/sec
perft 12:388623673 39141ms 9928000positions/sec

A postscript a couple of days later: I managed to improve my Java code a bit, it is now only 2.3 times slower than the C code. I suppose that is about the best one can hope for with Java - or??


Ed Gilbert said...

Hi Martin,

Perft is indeed a very useful tool. I wonder how we managed all those years working on checkers without it? I wrote a perft for 10x10 draughts and also started a discussion about it on the fmjd bbs here: http://laatste.info/bb/viewtopic.php?t=2308. At least one draughts programmer found a lurking bug with it, and several others managed to speed up their move generators.

-- Ed

effojyaj said...
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effojyaj said...
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