Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Java Checkers progress

I've continued working on my Java checkers program, and it has an interface similar to CheckerBoard now, and plays a decent game (albeit without opening or endgame databases). I also worked on a beginner level that will be less frustrating than CheckerBoard is now!
However, work on the interface is slow, as I feared. I want to add PDN support, and while writing a PDN parser was simple, I find it quite hard to use the Swing Table to display the games when loading them. Oh well, at some point I will either give up on the PDN feature and publish anyway or find out how to use it....

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ZiKaS said...

Thanks Martin. I'd like to ask you in the article you wrote Strategy Game Programming is there's an email address that I can contact you via it. My email is zikas_zak@hotmail.com. Thanks for help :)