Sunday, January 17, 2010

Checkers Tutor reaches 1000 downloads

Today, following another download-increasing update to version 1.06, Checkers Tutor has reached over 1000 total downloads. For reasons unclear to me (and from reading on the internet, everybody else too), Google does not offer a PC interface to the Android market, and therefore there are 3rd party websites that do offer such an interface. I use AndroLib, where I can see how many ratings and comments I got, and how the ratings develop over time. Apparently, Checkers Tutor has a rating of 3.33 out of 5, after 9 ratings. Unfortunately, not a single comment on what could be improved...
Androlib also has some download statistics. According to these, of currently 23'477 apps, 61.6% have been downloaded less than 1000 times. So CT is in the top 38.4% of all apps; and only 19.9% of all apps (or 4672) are in the category above with more than 5000 downloads. So CT isn't doing too bad, then again the other checkers programs out there are doing better or much better - and when I run out of upgrade ideas, my downloads will slow down to a trickle once again. I have two upgrade ideas left, but then it will be time to leave CT to its own devices on Android market.

1 comment:

Steve said...

Hi Martin,

Finally got a droid phone and downloaded Checkers Tutor last week. Very well done. I have played 10+ games so far and still not won a game.
Have not found any bugs or other problems.