Sunday, May 08, 2005

Another book update

Back from my chess tournament, I tested the latest version of the new book - it is now at 74'000 positions. It has improved further and got the following results in the 2s-per-move match against KingsRow 1.14p (with its massive 800'000 move book):
  • mailplay:
    +1 =19 -4
  • lost:
    +14 =4 -18
  • normal:
    +4 =274 -10
I'll keep the generator running for another week, when the new book will be about the same size as the old book that was published on the web - then I will publish a whole new installation package for CB; it's high time I did that anyway - the last versions of CB were all only available as zip-files. One of the reasons for computing a new small book was that I wanted to both have a stronger book for the installation package and not turn CB into bloatware (software which uses more diskspace on every new release), like most other programs out there. It looks like my ideas about the new book were quite right - it is already better than the old book!

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