Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New pieces for CheckerBoard

Scrambling back on topic, I remember that when I introduced bitmaps in CheckerBoard back in December 2003 I hoped that somebody would supply nicer bitmaps than those I had whipped up. I also hoped that that would happen rather sooner than later. Instead, nothing ever happened - until I received a nice set of new pieces by email a few days ago. Ron Carney is obviously more talented when it comes to computer graphics than I am, and with the next release of CheckerBoard, it will probably come with his new bitmaps. To get a preview of things to come, turn to any game on my website, such as this one from the Big Engine Match between Cake and KingsRow last year. If you have any further suggestions about these new pieces, this is the time and place to drop a line!


pinco said...

Dear Mr. Fierz,

I often match checkers

pinco said...

Dear Mr. Fierz,
I cannot download the db.7 zip
from spikescave.

What's going on ?

Your answer will be appreciated.
With thanks


Domenico Alioto said...

Dear Martin, I maked new webpages about divulgation of Checkerboard and Italian KingsRow for Italian players. I implemented new graphic for pieces (I sent you). I realised Italian Help file. I am waiting your new CB version for make menu command translations. . Bye.