Saturday, August 27, 2005

A russian checkers engine for CheckerBoard

I received a new CheckerBoard engine this morning from Lithuania. Kestutis Gasaitis has written an engine which plays Russian checkers - the kings fly and men can capture backwards in this version. I already lost three times against it! You can download the engine on the CheckerBoard website. It even comes with source code!


Socrates said...

Now someone should make the a brazilian draughts engine for checkerboard. brazilian draughts is the same rules at 10x10 but on a 8x8 board.

NNCD said...

Hi Martin my name is Kleber, I is of Brazil, forgives any error in the translation, first congratulations for the CheckerBoard, excellent work, congratulations and debtor, I taste very of the game of ladies, Martin I want to know if database of the Checkerboard for download has in some place of the InterNet 6-piece, so that I do not need to generate it in the proper program. For me one would be better download, instead of generating it, please it answers me, and debtor.
[ ]'s
Kleber Marques

NNCD said...
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Martin Fierz said...

Hi Kleber,

the 6-piece database is quite large for a download (over 20MB zipped), and the generation only takes a few hours - you can easily do it over night. Earlier, I didn't have the server space or bandwidth to offer it for download, now perhaps I do. I'll have to check on this.

best regards

David said...

Уважаемые России, кто же, черт возьми, вы думаете, что? шашки не должны идти в обратном направлении или через борт в любое время. что чертовски ебем вы думаете, что вы делали, когда вы решили сделать эту игру в шашки. пошел на хуй и сосать Nuke. С, средний класс Америки
Read that and try to disagree.

Oshane McKenzie said...

Here at Jamaican Draughts/Checkers we offer a free game download for windows; updates on the sport; its styles and techniques and a whole lot more.

Logic sens said...

plz an someone help me to find a spanish engine