Tuesday, September 13, 2005

KestoG 1.1

I just put up a new version of Kestutis Gasaitis' Russian checkers engine, KestoG 1.1. The main difference to the previous version is that the hashtable is now resizeable - besides this, there are some minor modifications to the search. You can download it from the checkers download page.


Kestutis said...

I received a very nice E-mail
from one student from Costa Rica.
With many praises and ideas.
But clearing out spam I deleted
this E-mail by accident.
Can you to resend this E-mail,
dear friend?
Otherwise I can't answer

Nelson Castillo said...

Congratulations! :)

jian said...

This engine is very interesting and plays on a good level.
What I regret it is that it does not have an associated book of openings.
Would it be possible to ask the author to envisage it?