Sunday, October 16, 2005

ICSA world championship

Over the last days, George Miller and Yuri Sorkin fought for the suicide checkers world championship over the internet. George won a very close match with 6.5-5.5. I had Suicidal Cake look at the games, and have a small challenge for you: in the following game, Yuri missed a win very early in the opening. What should he have played here?

[Event "3rd ISCA World Championship Match"]
[Date "2005-09-30"]
[Black "George Miller"]
[White "Yuri Sorkin"]
[Result "1-0"]

1. 12-16 21-17 2. 9-13 24-20 3. 8-12 25-21 4. 16-19 {already a loser! 5-9 instead is probably a draw} 23x16 5. 12x19

White to move and win!

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