Saturday, April 22, 2006

Another suicide checkers challenge

I just received the following email:

From: Igor Korshunov
To: Martin Fierz
Date: 4/21/2006

Hi Martin!I am made first version of suicide checkers.I want to match your program.When we can meet in battle?

Best wishes,Igor

I'll try to hold this as an online match on Kurnik again - once I know the time and date, I will publish it here.

Igor is the author of WildCat, a strong chess engine. He has also written a checkers program playing the Russian checkers variant, but I couldn't find an internet reference for that. WildCat is much better than Muse, my chess engine. You can verify this on Leo Dijksman's rating list, where WildCat is rated 2570, while Muse is only rated 2382. In my defence, I never took up chess programming very seriously. In any case, Igor's background in computer programming makes it unlikely that the match will be quite as lopsided as the one against Roshi47.

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Martin Fierz said...

The match will take place on tuesday, April 25, at 20:30 GMT. We will play on Kurnik, in the room Warkaly.