Monday, April 03, 2006

Odds and Ends

I'm busy waiting for my book generator to finish its book computation - but I'm not busy with checkers! Instead, I added a touch to my Connect Four program: it has nicer graphics and now offers different levels of evaluation intelligence - you can make it really dumb so that you can beat it easily. I also just finished a Sudoku program, using C#. C# makes it much easier to create applications rapidly. At least I'm programming something at all; I didn't find much time for that during the last year. Ed Gilbert has used my laziness to catch up with Cake: In my latest match, KingsRow 1.15u still lost to Cake Manchester 1.09d with -21+17=250, but this narrow result may just as well be accidental - Ed has some more results at different levels, and sometimes Cake wins, sometimes KingsRow. When I published Cake Manchester somewhere during Summer 2004, the match results against KingsRow were extremely lopsided - those were the days!

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