Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Checkers for Android Phones

It's been a while since I worked on my Java program. Actually, the underlying purpose of writing a Java checkers program was to (1) learn Java and (2) write a checkers program for the Android operating system running on the Google phones. There are two checkers programs for the iPhone based on my simple checkers engine, and since developing for the iPhone seems to be a PITA or at least some kind of licensing hell, I was never interested. The much more open philosophy of Android attracted me however, and my checkers program is already running on my emulator. It manages to search about 5000 positions per second, i.e. it's nearly 1000x slower than my corresponding PC program, and therefore also quite a bit weaker. But since it incorporates a lot of the stuff that I learned during the many years of programming Cake, it plays a decent game nevertheless. I worked hard on it during the last two weeks on my mountain holidays (whenever I wasn't climbing the mountains), and it's already a working program. However, I may have overdone things a bit trying to put a lot of features into the program, so it won't be ready today or tomorrow, but hopefully before the summer is out.

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