Wednesday, December 16, 2009

CB and Windows 7

I'm writing this post on my brand-new Windows 7. Unlike Vista to which I took an instant dislike, this product seems to be much more user-friendly (UAC...) and the harddisk isn't working for about an hour after startup. Of course, the very first thing I did with Win7 was to test whether CheckerBoard was working on it, and it is - however, it has to be run as Administrator, otherwise it crashes. I think it was the same with Windows Vista (but I can't remember), and I hope I will have some time during the christmas holidays to sort out these issues.


Edgar said...

Hi Martin,

I tried your installation of CB on a netbook running Windows 7 and did not have any problems. It was a 64-bit version of Win7 home premium and 32-bit CB. When I was looking at these UAC problems earlier this year I found different reactions of Vista to writing files in the Program Files directory depending on the version of Vista. I would be interested to know if you have a problem with the CB that is in the kingsrow install, and using the kingsrow engine, since that combination is designed to not upset the UAC.

-- Ed

Martin Fierz said...

Hi Ed,

on my 64-bit win7 home premium my 64-bit version of CB produced errors "this program stopped working" - it didn't run at all. It did run without problems when run as Admin. When I stopped my engines from writing in the CB directory, the problem disappeared.


Martin Fierz said...

PS: I read some more on the user account control and Vista, and found the following article which states that Vista treats 32-bit applications not running with administrative rights as "legacy applications" and virtualizes their access to protected folders - i.e. it redirects attempts of such programs to write to these folders. This would explain why the 32-bit version of CB runs without glitches (its attempts to write to protected folders are redirected by the OS) while the 64-bit version doesn't.