Monday, December 21, 2009

CheckerBoard 1.7 & co.

I just published a new version of CheckerBoard on my website. CB 1.7 has some minor bugs fixed, and doesn't write to the program files - CheckerBoard directory any more, which was a problem with the UAC (user account control) of Windows Vista and Windows Seven. Most of the changes in CB 1.7 were contributed by Ed Gilbert; thanks a lot Ed!
The CB source code is also available, but still rather difficult to comprehend.

I also updated the engines to comply with Vista/Win7, Cake and the Kingscourt engine didn't work with the new OS versions unless run with administrator rights. The CB install package now also includes Suicidal Cake with a 4-piece endgame database for suicide checkers and an opening book. I worked on suicide checkers about 3 years ago, and thought it would be a shame to leave what might be the world's best suicide checkers program rot on the shelf...


aleksisto said...

Very good program, but why I cannot select one of ambiguous paths!? All you need to correct - let a user to select the path and fill the variable 'move' *befor* calling the engine function 'islegal'. The engine ought to test the 'CBmove' structure on being called. The old engine behaves as it does now.


Logic sens said...

can i finde a spanish engine fr the prog plz