Friday, March 25, 2011

Checkers for the Amazon Kindle

A couple of weeks ago, I received emails from two American programmers called Matt and Mike who planned to write a checkers program for the Amazon Kindle. I contributed my Java checkers engine (which also powers Checkers Tutor), and those two did all the rest in record time - and now Checkers is available from Amazon. For more information, check out the A gamz website or look at a video on YouTube!. I haven't ever seen the game live, but judging from what I can see, Matt and Mike have done a great job with it!


Jasim said...

I like the youtube video and it looks like your engine played a big role in the development. I am looking for a bit of help. I am planning to develop a board game and I think that the layout of checkers will be a good start. I will share more info with you if you can help me get going. All I need is a way to draw a the board and a way to find out the neighbouring slots to the one my piece is on.

You must have realised I am new to android development but the idea for a game that I have is not actually available on Android or on iOS so I don't want to give to much away at this point.

you can email at if you feel I am worth helping. take care.

Pets-Kids Photography said...

Wow. I have to check out checkers on the Kindle! Love to play the game. Thanks so much for posting this! Regards, Liezl

Kenneth Gibbons L.L.C. said...

The game of checkers have come a long way over the years. Checkers now on Kindle. I have player checkers since I was a child. Thanks for the information,
Kenneth Gibbons LLC

Site Rank said...

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kristy lucas said...

Love the checker especially now that I bought my first ever kindle! Love the video insight too.


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