Monday, February 14, 2011

Checkers Tutor 2.1

I just posted Checkers Tutor 2.1 for Android on the Android market. It has a lot of improvements over the previous version:

  • Nicer graphics (see previous post)and new nicer launcher icon
  • A new pushover level where you should be able to win even when moving at random
  • A smoother transition of playing strength when moving up from beginner levels to depth-controlled levels to timed levels. This is done by disabling parts of the evaluation on the lower depth-controlled levels
  • The entire last game is restored now on startup, not only the last position
  • Two small bugs fixed
  • Behind the scenes, a lot of the code was cleaned up

To me, it looks as if it should be the best/nicest checkers app for the Android platform, but obviously I'm rather biased! Now all I need is some customers and some good ratings :-)


Nelson Castillo said...

I already have an android phone where I installed the free Version. I will get a Google nexus S in April and I think I'll buy your program :-)

Martin Fierz said...

Hola Nelson!

...and don't forget to give it a 5-star-rating :-)

best regards

Bungerting Baloner said...

One Swiss franc --- plus who knows what in exchange fees. Of course now that I bought it I will have to write an article or review of it :)

Although my fat fingers have some trouble accurately moving the pieces, this is surely the best Android checker app by a long, long margin.


Bob Newell

majid said...

im just about to download it but i see other games checkers games too..

barbosa_ogatovip said...

hello was wondering Which program wins the checkerboard: Cake.1.81?

wanted to know the link?

Martin Fierz said...

Hi Bob,

thanks for your money :-) - and I hope you are enjoying Hawaii!
I'm sorry about the move input being clumsy, but it's tough with an 8x8 board and those small screens.... I could make a 6x6 checkers :-)

In any case, I certainly hope you will review it at some point on your wonderful website!

best regards

Dustin Menoggin said...

have u thought of making this app available for iphone users :)

Kenneth Gibbons L.L.C. said...

I think I'll buy your program when I get a phone that I can down load it on. Great Blog.

Thanks for information
Kenneth Gibbons LLC

Anonymous said...

I have just put this on my MID. You've done a great job, Martin! The only way to seriously improve it would be to add a board set-up option to use it to solve problems or work through strategy. Easily the best $0.99 I have ever spent. Thumbs up!

daniel p.l. said...

enfrente a cake contra sage
y cake lo hizo pedazos
gran trabajo martin

ch1ris23 said...

Hi, my name is chris . I was wondering if by any chance the will be a (checkers Tutor) for the Iphone Os

teguh santoso said...

may i have your source code program for my thesis

Grigori Jlavyan said...
For iphone i have recomend this version, it is really pretty

Volker Bauer said...

Hi Martin
I just bought your checkers tutor. It is indeed extremly powerful. Make it a little bit more expensive and implement a save function in the next upcoming version. Regards Volker
P.S. 5 stars are not enough!!!!

javed from Gilgit. said...

I have bought your nice android checker. plz update n make more stronger the engine or make it compatible with kingsrow engine. nowadays alot other android checkers programs have been going on updating their engines on android platform.

William Alexander said...

I still can't find the menu on an S6 with Android M

Unknown said...

Hello Martin please reply. its me javed from Gilgit. I bought new samsaung c9pro mobile and checkers tutor installed here from old Samsung galaxy note3 now i don't find menu here in c9pro Samsung mobile. and could not update either as you said in some other person's comments.