Thursday, February 10, 2005

The end of checkers?

The advent of huge endgame databases has made computer programs very strong. While the current top PC programs all use the 8-piece endgame database, researchers in Canada finished their computation of the 10-piece endgame database in May 2004. With the help of this database, they hope to solve checkers once and for all; solving meaning that they will be able to say what the correct result of a game of checkers should be if both sides never make a mistake. The answer is in fact already clear now, checkers is a draw. However, until now this is only a conjecture and will be proven by the Chinook team within a few years. On their website you can view the proof that the White Doctor opening is a draw.


Phil Plasma said...

I love that researchers look into things like this. It is often the research into somewhat less important things that results in huge steps in things far more important.

alacransinveneno said...

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