Saturday, February 12, 2005


As I already mentioned yesterday, Kingscourt checkers (first side to make a king wins) cannot be a draw, unlike regular checkers or losing checkers. But which is it? Make your guess now, I will answer the question in a future post!

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Kestutis said...

The game of Hex also can not
be drawn.Here you offer to find
a "theoretical value" of Kingscourt.In my opinion here a
special version of Cake is needed
with option "search for win" as
in the game four in a row.Apparently
the entire game can not be too long and such a version of Cake has to find solution in a reasonable
amount of time.Maybe it (solution) depends from board size 8x8,10x10 etc? Maybe side which begins has
an advantage ? This question is
worth another Martin - Martin Gardner.