Monday, February 14, 2005

The world's most awful checkers program... undoubtedly Braveheart Checkers 3D". Do not install it on your computer! And its not the absolutely useless 3D Braveheart-themed environment in which you play checkers that makes it the most awful. And also not the engine, which is quite decent. What makes it the most awful program of them all is that it will install tons of spyware on your computer when you install it. You'll have to do a lot of cleaning up. Shame on those who publish this kind of program!


Kestutis said...

What about Moraff Cybercheckers?
From interface
and nothing more? Also canditate to
bad AI category ,how to assess such
a checkers?

Bob said...

Moraff Cybercheckers is so typical of commercial checker programs. It is pretty and glossy but plays a bad game.

Martin Fierz said...

Moraff is certainly not a good program, but it is by far not as awful as Braveheart. I didn't select Braveheart as the most awful program because of it's play, but because you will regret you ever installed it. A toy like Moraff might actually be fine for kids!