Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Gui Checkers .80

I recently came across a quite unknown checkers program written by Jon Kreuzer, Gui Checkers .80. Jon has written a very good chess program, so I was naturally curious about his checkers program. It turns out he wrote it (including the interface) in only a few days, so it's not as good as the best programs out there. But the interface has nice graphics, and I bet that with a little effort, Jon could develop a top checkers engine. Perhaps you can encourage him to do so?


Kestutis said...

I think that Gui Checkers 0.80
is remarkable achievement.
I don't know how to encourage
its author to keep up this job
or at least adapt this engine to
Checker Board protocol.

Kestutis said...

Source code of Gui Checkers 0.80
is not very suitable for beginner.
Source code for beginner is no doubt Checker Kit from Adrian's
Millett's web site :
Why Checker Kit is ignored by
Martin Fierz? No any reference nowhere - in links ,in engines,
in his whole web site.
But A.M. made good job,his engine
is built firmly , clearly.Good demonstration of general checkers
programming principles.

Martin Fierz said...

hi kestutis! you are right, there is no link to checker kit on my website. it is quite impossible to always have up-to-date links to every relevant page on the net at all times.
there is another reason though for the omission of checker kit: i'm very selective in my link sections, because it's hard to keep a huge collection of links up to date. checker kit offers nothing that my own simple checkers doesn't offer, in my opinion (and vice versa of course). however, i think i'll at least add a note about checker kit somewhere on my pages - perhaps for some people ade's code is more easily readable than my own :-)