Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Book update

I have been computing a new book for Cake starting from scratch for the last 10 days. With 20'000 moves in the book, I had Cake Manchester 1.09 play against KingsRow 1.14p with its massive opening database on my AMD64 3200+, @2s/move, with 512MB db cache and 64MB hashtable each. The result, predictably, was quite lopsided:

  • 12 mailplay openings (now part of the standard deck):
    +0 =17 -7
  • 18 lost openings:
    +13 =6 -17
  • 144 normal openings:
    +6 -16 =266
This certainly isn't too good, however, the book is still very small and will improve rapidly. Keep in mind that my full book is based on 1.6 million positions! I haven't tested how the old 90'000 move book that is distributed with the CB installation does in a match with KingsRow, but probably not much better than this new tiny book. Once the new book is reasonably good (probably around 100'000 to 200'000 positions), I will release it. Why am I doing this instead of releasing my full book? Good question, and I will answer it in my next post.


Nelson Castillo said...

You didn't tell us why :)

Martin Fierz said...

Ouch - the match that wasn't got in the way :-)