Friday, April 08, 2005

The Cake 7pc database is available for download!

Thanks to a generous individual who has offered me space+bandwidth on the internet, the 7pc endgame database for Cake (KingsRow can use it too) is now available for download. Get it!
The Cake endgame database is more compact than the Chinook endgame database, and will give you a bit better performance.


spliff said...

Why don't you use BitTorrent for distributing the databases? It is way more efficient at spreading large files and will safe on your bandwidth bill :)

Martin Fierz said...

Ed Gilbert is using such a method to distribute his database for Italian checkers. To be honest, I have never used peer-to-peer software up to now, I'm a bit old-fashioned :-)
You are probably right, it might be a good idea.

Nelson Castillo said...

It might be a good idea. I just wonder, is there such a big demand for endgame databases? I'd like to grab it :)

Martin Fierz said...

Nelson, the 7pc database is about 150MB zipped. According to the latest stats, it is being downloaded something like 5-10 times per day. The 8pc database is of course more useful, and probably would get downloaded at least as often. The person hosting my database has about 50GB bandwidth per month, so that is enough for the 7pc database, but for the 8pc database it looks like it's too little :-(