Friday, April 29, 2005

Chess, not Checkers

I'm off to a chess tournament which will last for 9 days. However, the title of the post is misleading, I plan to fix two bugs and add a couple of features to CheckerBoard when I'm not playing chess! I also want to write a book merge tool to replace the old values in the opening database with the newly calculated ones. I hope I'll find the time for all the things I want to do...

In the meantime, I have new results from the new book, which was at 46'000 moves when I last tested it:

  • mailplay:
    +1 = 18 -5
  • lost:
    +14 = 4 -18
  • normal:
    +3 = 271 -14

That's hardly better than at 20'000 moves, although there is some randomness to these matches, because KingsRow chooses among equal moves at random.

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