Sunday, April 03, 2005

A postscript to exaggerations, part 3

A bit more than 2 weeks ago I wrote about the exaggerations on the WCC website. Yesterday, I read in Bob Newell's Checker Maven that Bob is now going to distribute WCC platinum versions II and III at the cost of duplication and shipping. The only good thing about this is that more people will get their hands on platinum and be able to see that the claims on the WCC website are in no way true.

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Bob said...

I really need to note that my distribution of WCC Platinum is intended as a service to those checkerists who wish to obtain it. It is not a statement one way or the other about the claims or merits of this or any other program. I will only make such a statement when I have completed my own evaluation and have solid facts supporting any eventual conclusion. I would provide a similar distribution service on the same terms for other serious checker program authors who so wished to have that.